Taking Every Thought Captive

I was driving home from school today, something I do everyday because I take and pick up the girls. I found myself thinking about the pressures and problems that I have been facing as well as those that may come. I found my heart sinking and could actually sense a heaviness try to come upon me. I was about to do what most people do and that is let my thoughts take control of life!
As I realized what I was doing I said to myself.. “Susan, stop that. Think about something good.” So I began to think about all the things I am thankful for, which led into a prayer of thanks giving and before I realized it I was right there in the middle of a sweet time of fellowship with Father.
How easy it is step into His wonderful presence. How easy it is once we understand that we enter His courts with praise and into His gates with THANKSGIVING! (Ps 100 : 1-3)
I was taken away to the secret place that we share and renewed with strength for my day. I came home refreshed and ready for what the day holds for me.
Friends, this is the promise we have with God. This is our daily bread, to be satisfied “IN HIM!” I am always amazed and awed at how sweet He is. The Lord never changes! He is a constant source of strength and love in this life.

Father, thank you for your abiding presence and strength! I love you!

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