Galations is such an inspiring book

I was studying in the book of Galations today. I was waiting for Katie to finish with a hair appointment so I spent some time reading from the Message Bible and it was so insightful.

The message of faith is so mis-understood. In the letter to the churches in Galacia Paul condemns any kind of SELF RIGHTEOUS thinking. He is writing to the believers who have been “saducced” or “be-witched”. The words he chose suggest that the churches there in the region of Galacia were under false teachings. These are serious statements that Paul made so I want to know and understand them. I don’t want to be deceived myself!

The problem was that the Jewish Christians were trying to get the Gentile believers to take the mark of circumcision to prove they were “sanctified”. The Jewish believers were not embracing the full Atoning achievement of Christ and Paul was passionatly straightening this problem out. He deeply challenges the fact that they are trying to impose “ritualistic sanctification” instead of “righteousness based on faith”.

As I was reading I began to think of all the things that I allow daily to get between Father and I. I was thinking of the thoughts that come to cause me to feel of no value or insignificant or “not as good” as someone else. I was thinking of the many well intended actions and motivations that people think earns them the right to be in God’s presence. Sometimes we feel “wow this isn’t enough, I have TO DO more….”

In fact the way we do church today actually encourages this and in some respects we are like the Jewish believer in Galacia, looking for just the right thing to embrace that will make us feel WORTHY, or HOLY! We think if we just make this commitment or complete this task, then God will be happy with us….We will have finally made the grade!!!

Friends, There is nothing other than the Blood of Jesus that makes us pure. We cannot do anything with-in ourselves to bring this gift. We are the righteous of God through Christ Jesus according to 2 Corinthians 5:17 -21. He alone makes us worthy to stand in the presence of Father. He ALONE has made the way for me to live peaceful, prosperous, joyous and fulfilled in the Kingdom. Believing and then receiving this is what gives way to God’s handywork in our lives.

WE HAVE BEEN MADE RIGHTEOUS THROUGH CHRIST’S SACRIFICE! WE DON’T EARN IT. IT’S NOT ON OUR OWN MERIT BUT ON THE FACT THAT … Jn 3:16.. God so loved the world he GAVE US CHRIST… that through His atoning sacrifice I can boldly enter into the Holy of Holy’s and obtain MERCY!! UNMERITED FAVOR!! I can have a SIN FREE CONSCIENCE AND EXPERIENCE THE NEW LIFE OF GOD.. GIVEN THROUGH CHRIST FOR ALL THOSE WHO BELIEVE! Hebrews 4 (having my conscience sprinkled by the blood of Jesus)

It’s amazing and refreshing to know that I am righteous… cleansed from sin and free in Christ! Today, while it is still day I will praise you my Rock, my Redeemer!!

Father I celebrate you and all you are! I celebrate your Love and Gift of the Holy Spirit in my life and I worship You and You alone!!!!! Jesus is Lord!

Celebrate His life today!


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