>A New Day

>I am very excited to finally get this blog off the ground.

Back in 2008 I had a desire to create a blog. I started this not just to write what was on my heart, but to hear what is on yours as well. Dialogue was my vision.

We moved to Syracuse a few months after creating the blog. Many internal changes took place. The natural changes and the transition of coming to a new church, a new town, were difficult. I couldn’t get my thoughts straight. I wanted to post but couldn’t find a starting point.

Getting the Ministry up and running in NY has been so wonderful. I am in a place where God is building Susan. I have given the last 23 years to my husband, my girls, and to other ministries. I have served well. Today, it’s my turn. I stepped out, moved forward, I am speaking up, and I am entering into uncharted waters so to speak. I am so excited. The dam has busted loose.

When I was a young women, in my early 20’s, I gave my life to God. He came into my life with such power. I never knew that there was anything like it. Once my Spiritual life was open, and I could see that there was no turning back. Salvation, water baptism, baptism in the Holy Spirit, a new prayer language, all these new experiences that had not been a part of my religious upbringing. I sensed the call immediately. I heard the Lord say to me…

“Susan, come, follow me and I will make you a fisher of men.
I will teach you how to capture the lost, to open my Word to others, and build my Kingdom.”

As I write, I intend to bring the entire story together for you. I believe that it’s a story worth telling. As you follow me in this blog, you will gain wisdom on how to be a seeker of truth, a disciple of prayer, a lover of worship and an overcomer.

This is a NEW DAY for both Henry and I.

It has taken many years, through many travels to get us to this place with God. We are here and I am at peace. I’m embracing my destiny.

Romans 8:35-39 speaks so deeply to me. God doesn’t promise that life would be easy, but that the trials of life would be CONQUERED THROUGH HIM!

One day as I was struggling this past winter, the Lord said, “Susan, you have to get your story out. You have to share with others where you’ve been. You are a living testimony of my strength and power. Your story will transform many. Speak, don’t be afraid, for I am with you.” I realize that I’m not the only one in the fight against fear. Most of us fight this on a regular basis. FEAR NOT!! Is the exhortation over and again in the scriptures. Fear not my friends, fear not!

One of the things that is a reality of discipleship is this. God, will want to use you. Sometimes in saying “yes”, you will find that you may be called to be an example. It may not be just what you thought would happen when you said “yes”, but are you willing? The cross was humiliation for Christ. He said that each one of us have our own cross to carry. We had better understand what this is and become willing to walk with it, to be made an example of, or we will stay shallow, carnal Christians forever.

So Praise God, I am a daughter of the Most High God! Redeemed, delivered, transformed, and free. My Joy is in Doing His will. I love His Word and the Comfort of knowing that I have eternal life In Christ. Each day is filled with new and exciting opportunities.

Jesus, I’m Yours…

The Journey.. it’s a NEW DAY!

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