His Joy, My Joy — Inspired by a Facebook Post

I was inspired to write today because of something someone posted on my FB wall.  Thank you Sande, I needed a little nudge to get some words out.

90 Lbs lighter, and feeling so good.



Almost two years ago, I was grossly over weight and very unhealthy physically.  I was also in recovery from a crisis that our family went through two years before that.  Although the crisis hit us in August of 2009, it had been on it’s way for some time.  I wrote a post on this blog which I will link to at the end if you’d like to read it, it’s about shame.  Oh boy, that was such a tough time.  Praise God he brings us through, and always, if we co-operate with Him, He makes all things new.

Since August 2009 I have been on a journey of discovery right along side recovery.  I might say that  “in the journey of recovery, I have rediscovered who I am”.  There are many things that we face in life, some we choose, others we don’t, but when we end up in crisis what we do in the decision making process will determine the outcome of our success.

My friend mentioned that since I have lost weight I am expressing more joy and reaching out wider.  — You are right girlfriend, but it’s not simply the weight loss, it is more that I have encountered Christ in a deeper, richer way.  In the midst of the valley, in the darkest night, His incredible LOVE was unveiled before my eyes.  In the sparkle of my life, what may have seemed good or wonderful really wasn’t. There was something missing.  His voice was dull, and I have discovered that a lot of my time was spent on trying to reproduce what I was learning from others instead of really allowing the Holy Spirit to have His perfect way in me.  Now —not that I didn’t know Him, I did, it’s just that now, I know Him more..

In the depth of despair there was the most brilliant light. The most powerfully sustaining person, carrying me to safety under His Glorious Wings.  He brought  me out of a deep dark pit.  He has set my feet on solid ground.  His Grace was/is sufficiant and the power of forgiveness has delivered me from the power of bitterness, pain and sorrow. I have traded my sorrows for His Joy. He has caused me to overcome all the power of evil.

Preaching In Guatemala April, 2013

My joy not only comes from meeting a goal that I set, but it comes from a personal wrestling with Christ, His Spirit, and His Truth. I can truly say as did the man who wrote the old Hymn… It Is  Well… “Yes, it is well, it is well, with my soul.”

I have one thing I’d like to really say today, only one last IMPORTANT request.

Friends, reach out today to the only ONE who really can make all things new, reach out to Christ, our Risen Redeemer, the ONE who through His sacrifice and disciplined, faithful work… opened Eternity to you.  Embrace Him, take hold and never let go.  His ability is far superior to any gift or strength known to man.  It’s not just about a sinner being saved by grace, but it’s about coming to a Kingdom that is ruled by a life changing King.  A Lord who understands His subjects and paid all He had to give them the Kingdom of His Father.  A Kingdom that is ruled by grace, and truth. It is empowered by faith which works by love. It is a place of true freedom and If we only believe, we can receive…

This JOY, His JOY is the strength of  my life.

I love you!!

Scripture references: Ps 40:1-3,  Hebrews 4:14-16,  Revelation 21,   Romans 10:9,10,   Hebrews 11:6

This is the post from 2010 if you’d like to read it.  Unashamed

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