Consider The Lilies of the Fields

Inspired by a vintage fountain pen, the “Swan” produced by Mabie Todd Pen Company, circa 1920’s, and filled with Iroshizuku Ina-Ho, a Japanese gold ink .img_7561

“…If you wish to be a writer, write…”  Epictetus

The sausage is slowly baking in the oven.  The washing machine is humming, and churning away in the background.  Mmmm, a delicious smell floats into my office from the pork-a-licious fat drippings in the pan. I’m at my desk, flipping through Instagram on my computer while paper and pen await.

(“Instagram”… Friends from every corner of the world.  A global community. Urban, and country, its life through the portal of photography…) I enjoy each picture I encounter.  I’m poised, I’m ready.. now Susan… write!

Today is Saturday, January 14, 2017 — “I am good at the analog, yet I know the digital is important too.”


I sat quietly this morning, listening.  The birds were singing.  Hmmm, how happy they sounded.  I was drawn to the kitchen window hoping to see them in action. (Birds are so beautiful you know.)  As I stood there watching, my thoughts went to the scripture in Matthew’s img_7589Gospel…“consider the lilies of the fields…”  I search for my bible, then I look for this verse, I found it!

Matthew 6:19-34 is Christ’s teaching on money, possessions and worry.  He connects our desires, and our focus on what we naturally think gives us life, (the pursuit of all things material), to the deep debilitating energy of worry. I had forgotten that He also used the birds in this discussion.  I am looking and listening as I re-read this account…

“…Look at the birds, they don’t plant or harvest or store in barns for your heavenly Father feeds them.  And aren’t you more valuable to him than they are?  Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?”   (vs. 26,27 NLT)

My meditation for 2017 is ~rediscovering the sacred in everyday life.  I am looking for God in every moment.  I treasure life, its precious.  There is tremendous beauty to behold.  If I’m looking, and intentionally noticing, I’ll learn the art of enjoying life.  I know how to worry,  I think most of us do because we are human.  It is the most natural thing to do. Yet,  Jesus is guiding us toward a deeper truth that life is more than ” the business of gain” …the hustle and bustle driven by the basic need to survive.  He turns our thoughts toward a  world unkown.  A world where God, our heavenly Father is actively involved in our daily living.  How interesting that he chose the birds and the lilies, things very present, all around us, yet unknown unless we pay attention.

I hear the Lord saying… “Listen.” “See.” “Notice.” So, ok, I need to stop and…

“Look at the birds, for they…”

“Consider… the lilies of the field, they …”

Thank you Lord, I am encouraged by this observation today.  How beautiful and in sync those birds are.  How lovely and alive they seem, completely comfortable, and at home here in God’s good earth.  I am reminded again that we have to look deeper than the surface, as there is mystery, beauty, hidden treasures to be found.  Slow down, look, listen, observe, and reflect.  God is present.  The sacred is found in the everyday, ordinary, mundane moments in life. I am reflecting, looking at the beauty around me and I’m reminded that in all of God’s amazing creation, my life is valuable because I am human, I am created in the image of God… can I trust Him?  Yes, I can because… He cares for me!   The Kingdom of God is not seen so easily with the natural eye, it takes some refocusing.  It’s hidden but can be seen if one turns to see…

Jesus is our guide, choose to follow Him.  God’s Kingdom is known and experienced through the Holy Spirit who Jesus sent.  As we choose to follow Christ, Holy Spirit makes his home in us and leads us, showing us the way of the cross…

Finding the Sacred…

Life is sacred


One thought on “Consider The Lilies of the Fields

  1. Beautiful, well-said thoughts, Susan, and I can relate to your appreciation of everyday things, really SEEING and reflecting upon the birds, the flowers, everything around you. From my own perspective, I’ve always found comfort in being outdoors in my yard, on the deck, in the woods, relishing the joys and wonders of God’s creations. Your writing speaks eloquently to that, and therefore speaks to me personally. I very much like your style — as if you’re thinking/talking out loud and putting those thoughts on paper all the while. Well done, dear, and a testament to the loving, sensitive, deep-thinking person that you are!
    A. Pat


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