Celebrating Friendship


I wrote this note and sent it as an email to some very special people in my life.  My husband Henry was one of them. After reading it, he told me that it might be one of the best piece of writing I have ever done.  So I want to share it with all of you.  I hope it touches your heart and stirs you to tell someone how important they are to you.  If it does, feel free to share this blog post with others.  It will bless them I believe.

~Susan 1/24/14


I began my day today thinking about the importance of FRIENDSHIP— Here’s where my thoughts lead me.  If you are reading this, I am thinking of you today!

“True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity, before it is entitled to the appellation.” ~ George Washington

I am thinking of you today because I believe that we are friends of this kind.  I believe we have endured some hardships and challenges along the way and that we have come out the wiser and stronger on the other side.

When I take stock in my life over the years and think of what in fact has been the greatest joy and sense of accomplishment, I find myself thinking of the people who have crossed my life in a significant way.  The interaction in the struggles of daily living and giving.  The joys of life lived together and the sorrows of the conflict it brings has given strength and insight to the meaning of LIFE and LOVE.

You, my friend are very dear and precious to me.  I love you and thank God for the times we’ve shared together.  The smiles, the laughs, the debates and deep conversations that invigorate our senses and stretch us to new places in our minds.  Without these movements in life, we would be drones or carbon copies of each other.  How tragic!! Life is about the abstract and the differences we meet. About how we learn to see through the eyes of someone different from ourselves, see the importance of their beauty and giftedness… While of course experiencing our Faith in the Living Christ, the giver of life itself.

You, my friend, Have done this for me.  I love you, yes, because we do connect and share our similarities, but I love your uniqueness and opposite-ness too.  That’s the wonder of it all, seeing you for you, not because you are like me… No, because you are “YOU.”

You, my friend, are in my heart today.  I am thinking about you, praying about you and just holding your life close to mine.  I woke today with thoughts of how important you are to me, and that life would not be the same had I not met you.

Thank you for the times we’ve had together.  If my life was over today, I think it would be somewhat complete, because I feel I have had the experience of knowing “TRUE FRIENDSHIP,” as I have had a moment in this life of “YOU” ~ My friend!

I love you,  God Deeply Bless and Enrich your life! Celebrating your friendship today!

Susan Stanton Clarke 1/24/14



2 thoughts on “Celebrating Friendship

  1. Hi Susan. I ran across your site because I was looking at the domain name http://www.EnterIn.org and it routes here. I like what you write. I aspire to develop a site and app called “Enter In” that is centered around PS 100:4 – Entering into His Presence with Thanksgiving and Praise, in Spirit and Truth. That is warfare that lifts us up wherever we are, as I’m sure you know, and becoming more fluent in this is needed by the body. Do you have plans to use the domain name? If not, can I buy it from you? you can email me at brent @ ariseintl dot com. No problem if not possible, I’ll go with something else. But thought I’d ask.


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