Hello, I’m Susan and I am Founder and President of Renewed In His Presence Ministries, Inc.  I have travelled around the world evangelizing, teaching, and preaching the Word of God.  As I’ve gone, many things have transformed in my life.  This blog is an attempt to share my experiances and what I’ve learned over the years.

The Christian experiance is a life long walk with many people, yet deeply personal.  We are community yet individual at the same time.  Growing up into what this looks like is an integral part of the journey.  I have honestly and humbly sought to follow Christ. This has lead me down more than one path and has brought me to hear and see through different lens a time or two.

The goal here is simply to communicate the knowledge gained.   I JUST WANT TO WRITE… So I hope you will be challenged and stirred as you read on!  His Kingdom is so different than the Kingdoms of this world.  Give us eyes to see Lord, and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying.  We want to know YOU!

I Pray your roots will go down deep as you seek Him (Christ Jesus the Lord) daily!

A BRIEF BIO— ( ALTHOUGH THERE IS MORE THAT CAN BE SAID), Just for those who maybe are interested…

I am a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center, Tulsa,Oklahoma (84, 85), Living Word Bible Training Center, Fullerton, CA (94). Recently, until our move to Bellville, TX in December 2014, I served as Co-Founder and Pastor with my husband Henry, at Hillsview Church in Syracuse, NY.

I’ve served in many areas in church such as, Praise and Worship, Children’s Ministry, Prayer Ministry, Women’s Ministry, and Pastoral Care Ministry. I served as President of Women’s Aglow, Arlington FL in the mid 80’s, as well as served in Europe as a missionary with Youth With a Mission.

Henry and I have had the privilege of working with such leaders as Dr Lester Sumrall,  Robert Schuller, and Kenneth and Gloria Copland. 

 We had the very special privilege to serve as Directors of Living Water Teaching, Guatemala, Central America, with Marion Zirkle Wright. That experience changed our lives forever. It’s been a full life with so many wonderful opportunities.

This is the back story, the new one is being written daily and my life has changed considerably in thirty-five years of walking with Christ.  Praise God—-

The journey continues…



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